About Me


HI, I am Paul Horn; I offer CD/DVD duplication services to clients in the United Kingdom. Being an experienced person in this industry, I help independent and aspiring musicians to duplicate thousands of CDs. I have a team of 25 members who assist me in designing, printing and delivering the products to my clients.

I have been in this business since 1990 and am proud to bring out the efforts of thousands of musicians through my CD duplication service. With my excellent quality CD, the listeners would feel highly refreshed and rejuvenated. We have stocked more than 400,000 independent albums. We have about 6 million tracks in our distribution catalogue.

By signing up with us, you can easily market, promote and sell your music CDs worldwide. From scanning and typesetting to design, we use the most advanced equipments and technology. We will take responsibility of cropping, resizing, retouching and custom illustration works. We also offer various additional services like logo design, silhouettes and illustration works at affordable prices.

This blog is dedicated to all my customers. Keep reading through these pages and look out for special updates. Get in touch with us for best-customised service.