Add-Ons Provided By Duplication Companies

CD duplicationWhen we refer to CD / DVD Duplication services, there is a widespread assumption that such companies engage only in duplication and nothing else. However, having seen this industry for a fair bit in my days, I can tell you that isn’t the case. From my experience, I know that CD/DVD duplication companies offer a broad range of add-on services apart from duplication. It includes retouching, silhouettes, logo design and custom illustration. Let me give you a brief on the same for better understanding…

Retouching: If any of you are looking to print your photo or use your photo on the CD, a clear image becomes essential to ensure that the end-result is of high quality. To assure customers of the same, CD duplication companies offer retouching services to the image. It is done using a few simple tools. Retouching can help fix minor blemishes like small scratches or pimples for free of cost. It has been widely used for renewing old photos in the present day.

Silhouettes: These help to fix great backgrounds for your picture, no matter where you have taken it. A new background can be added to your image. The price for this service would depend on the intricacy of the job.

Logo Design: An appropriate logo design will help clients identify a brand any time. A reputed company would serve from the start to the end of a project. If the client has any logo or desired picture in mind, the same can be communicated to the designers, and they will help create it to match the requirements.

Custom Illustration: There are several seasonal designers who work with clients to get exactly what they need. The final art would appear better than their level of expectations.

Apart from these, DVD packaging services like jackets, jewel cases, Eco-friendly wallets, and digipaks are done for packing DVDs. You can experience superior quality DVD replication work at reasonable prices.